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Bolling to offer bus transportation to and from Anacostia Metro Station

BOLLING AFB, D.C. -- Beginning May 29, Bolling and Anacostia Annex will offer free bus transportation to and from the Anacostia Metro Station.

From 6 to 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 to 6 p.m., three shuttles will transport federal employees from the Anacostia Metro Station to nine locations on Bolling and Anacostia Annex: Building 168, Anacostia child-development center, Anacostia gym, garage on Thomas Road, P-20 headquarters building, Bolling Lodging Office, Bolling Clinic, Bolling CDC and Building 5681.

"It's great that there is finally a shuttle from Anacostia Metro Station to Bolling," said Senior Airman Aaron C. Owens, 844th Communications Group. "It's a real pain to have to wait for the Metrobus, especially when it runs purely on convenience, not on a set schedule. And you still have to walk from the main gate to your office. The other alternative is the Defense Intelligence Agency shuttle that non-DIA military members may or may not use, depending on the driver."

The intent of the shuttle is to provide transportation from the Metro Station to federal employees' places of employment.

According to Department of Defense Directive 4500-36R, Management, Acquisition and Use of Motor Vehicles, the secretary of defense has determined that the effective conduct of the affairs of the DoD components may warrant modified shuttle bus transportation support for military personnel and DoD civilians between their offices and mass transit facilities.

Children are allowed on the bus on a space-available basis, and must adhere to D.C. law.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department Web site at http://mpdc.dc.gov, children under 8 years of age must be properly seated in an installed infant, convertible (toddler) or booster child seat, according to the manufacturer's instructions. Booster seats must be used with both lap and shoulder belts.

"We must adhere to D.C. law, and since there are no seat belts on our buses, children under 8 are not permitted to ride the bus," said 1st Lt. Jaron Ard, 11th Logistics Readiness Squadron. "Children over 8 may ride on a space-available basis."

To maintain security on the shuttle, the driver will check ID cards as people board. They will be checked again as the bus enters the base.

"Security on Bolling is a top priority," said Maj. Richard DeMouy, 11th Security Forces Squadron commander. "Passengers of the shuttle will be checked as if they were individuals walking through the gate, to ensure nobody gets onto Bolling who doesn't belong here."

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