AFDW&You - Spotlight Series

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The Air Force District of Washington encompasses more than 30,000 Airmen in 1,758 units stationed at 500 locations in 108 countries. AFDW Airmen execute varied missions around the world alongside service members and civilians from different Air Force major commands, joint units and international organizations. AFDW highlights Airmen in these unique missions in its series, “AFDW and You.”

The Airman: Maj. Justin D’Agostino is a logistics readiness officer who currently serves as the commander of Defense Logistics Agency Energy Japan based at Yokota Air Base, Japan. D’Agostino hails from Whitehouse Station, N.J.

The mission: DLA Energy Japan provides U.S. forces and government agencies in the host nation the most effective and efficient petroleum support possible through dedicated partnership among counterparts, customers, and suppliers. The team provides inventory management, quality surveillance, and theater transportation support to ensure the annual movement of more than $1.8 billion worth of petroleum and cryogenic products and 41 percent of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command’s total petroleum inventory to 16 defense fuel support points and 158 other locations throughout Japan.

The highlights: To be effective, the DLA Energy Japan commander must build relationships with inter-service partners and customers, Japanese counterparts, and Japanese commercial vendors in order to provide the best support possible. The job uniquely calls for a commitment to travel and meet with Defense Department customers, Japanese Self Defense Force counterparts, and with commercial vendors throughout Japan.

The challenges: My team works to supply fuel to all DOD activities on mainland Japan and the biggest challenge I’ve faced is managing expectations of our service partners and customers.  The most effective way to overcome this challenge has been to personally conduct face-to-face engagements with each activity and to send my staff to each location to train and solve issues for our partners.

The lessons: This job has taught me the importance of inter-service integration for joint operations and the importance of communicating and integrating for US-Japan operations.

The hobbies: My kids’ hobbies are my hobbies right now. That, and exploring Japan with my family.