AFDW: There’s an app for that

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Whether you’re moving to the Air Force District of Washington team or moving away, there’s one app you can download with pertinent information on where you are and where you’re going.

Service members and civilians associated with the Air Force District of Washington, or those interested in learning more about the unit, can now connect to the recently released AFDW content on the AF Connect app.

AF Connect is an Air Force-wide mobile app that provides access to numerous unit and base sub-pages, eliminating the need to download multiple apps for home station or TDY bases. Airmen can access local content by adding their unit, or multiple units, as favorites via the button on the bottom right corner of the app.

The app features an array of resources intended to be relevant to all AFDW users, whether at AFDW headquarters, in a subordinate unit or within one of the many Air Force Elements that AFDW serves. Features include fact sheets, feedback mechanisms, posts from senior leadership and more. There are also common access card-enabled functions for those with a CAC reader.

Not seeing what you need? Provide feedback!

Features can be customizable to meet the needs of AFDW users. To ensure that relevancy of content, it offers an “App Feedback” function to offer users the opportunity to tell app managers what features they want to see – or don’t need to see – in the app. If you have an idea about what app features AFDW should apply, just submit the information through the “App Feedback” button.

Recommended favorites for AFDW users

The list of available units is long, but here are some recommended favorites for AFDW users:

Air Force District of Washington

Joint Base Andrews

United States Air Force Band

About the app

Air Force Connect was a finalist in the 2018 Spark Tank competition, which provided the authority and funding to launch the app Air Force-wide. The app is designed to offer Air Force organizations at all levels a way to deliver timely and relevant information to Airmen, their families and members of the local community.

The app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.