AFDW to manage AF Memorial daily operations

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Joe Yanik
  • Air Force District of Washington Public Affairs

The Air Force District of Washington is taking a more active role in the Air Force Memorial’s daily operations beginning in April 2017 as part of AFDW’s mission to provide ceremonial honors to the National Capital Region and worldwide.


"The Air Force Memorial Foundation has led the facility oversight efforts since it dedicated the Memorial to the U.S. Air Force in 2006,” said Peter Vielandi, the Memorial's facility manager. "The Air Force always operated the Memorial, but the Foundation has been taking lead on day-to-day operations."


Col. Cheryl Law, Air Force Memorial lead, praised the Air Force Memorial Foundation for its commitment to the Memorial’s mission of recognizing the dedication and sacrifices of Airmen who have served and are still serving.


“We are grateful for the extraordinary work the Foundation has performed at the Memorial,” she said. “Now it is appropriate for the Air Force to take on the full operation.”


Day-to-day operations involve maintaining the grounds surrounding the Memorial and providing a venue for special events that take place on site, like Air Force re-enlistments, wreath-laying ceremonies and concerts performed by The United States Air Force Band. Although the managing organization will change, the Memorial will remain free and open to the public every day of the year, except Dec. 25.


“This transition is truly seamless,” said Law. “We have worked very closely with the Foundation to capture all the processes, procedures and needed equipment on a structured timeline so the public does not see any interruption in their AF Memorial experience.”


As before, members of the military and veteran organizations may host special events at the outdoor Air Force Memorial. To request to hold a supportable event at the Memorial, complete and submit the form online at Requestors can expect a response within 72 hours of submitting the completed form.


Even after the transition, the Air Force Memorial Foundation and AFDW will continue to work together to fulfill the Memorial’s mission by allocating surplus funds for maintenance and beautification purposes.


“We’ll use the remaining funds from the amount raised for construction, along with any other funds donated in the future to the Memorial, for capital improvements to the Memorial,” said Denise Hollywood, Air Force Association executive vice president. “Doing so ensures it will continue to grace the Washington area skyline and serve as a reminder of the service and sacrifice made by thousands of Active Duty, retired, civilian, Reserve and U.S. Air National Guard personnel of the U.S. Air Force and predecessor organizations.

The Air Force Memorial is the last military service memorial to be constructed in the National Capital Region. By its design, the honored site represents the Air Force’s heritage and it serves to celebrate the Air Force’s legacy and inspire those who look upon it.


Editor’s Note: View the AFM’s official website for all supportable events that may be requested to be

held at the AF Memorial.