Completing CCAF gives enlisted Airmen the edge

Air Force District of Washington -- A "Capital Scholar" encourages Air Force District of Washington enlisted Airmen to invest in themselves and their Air Force career by taking advantage of the many continuing education programs available to them.

For enlisted Airmen, putting in the time to earn an associates degree through the Community College of the Air Force develops them both personally and professionally.

"Upon completion of basic training all enlisted Airmen are automatically enrolled in CCAF, this is just the first step in the professional and personal development of putting Airmen on the path for a successful Air Force career," said Chief Master Sgt. Pat Battenberg, Air Force District of Washington command chief. "Basic training fulfills four semester-hour requirements of physical education."

CCAF is a worldwide multi-campus community college established to meet the educational needs of enlisted Airmen. Its primary goal is to allow enlisted Airmen to progress towards, and ultimately earn an associate degree in their Air Force specialty. Every enlisted Airman can earn an associate's degree through CCAF.

CCAF has 67 degree programs in five general areas of study, requiring a minimum of 64 semester hours.

Enlisted Airmen can also earn up to 24 semester hours through technical school, and more credits are awarded when earning five- and seven-skill levels after completion of career development courses.

Professional military education, comprised of Airman Leadership School, NCO academy and Air Force Senior NCO Academy, provide another six semester hours, fulfilling the leadership and management training requirements.

"Earning a CCAF degree ties into the chief master sergeant of the Air Force's strategic plan to transition enlisted Airmen into deliberately developed Airmen," said Chief Battenberg. "A CCAF degree gives enlisted Airmen the edge when competing for promotions, special duty and critically manned assignments."

In addition, traditional classes accredited at universities or community colleges, online classes, passing College Level Examination Program test and Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support exams, can earn an Airman up to 30 semester hours. All earned credit hours can also be applied towards a four- year degree or higher.

"Supervisors must encourage and mentor Airmen to continue to seek professional and personal development, not just for their self but for the Air Force mission," said Maj. Gen. Darren W. McDew, AFDW commander.

"Currently, 57 percent of HQ AFDW enlisted Airmen have an associates degree or higher compared to 27 percent Air Force-wide," said Senior Master Sgt. Raymond Fleming, AFDW Manpower, Personnel and Services, superintendent.

AFDW leadership's goal is 100 percent of enlisted Airmen to earn their degree before becoming eligible for senior NCO promotion.

For more information on achieving your educational goals, visit Air Force Virtual Education Center or contact the wing education office at (301) 981-6347/ 5397.