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Civilian Personnel Office

Civilian personnel can assist in the following areas:
· Employee management relations
· Labor management relations
· Awards/performance management
· Civilian force shaping programs
· Civilian expeditionary workforce
· Staffing and classification advisory
· Telework
· Compliance and resources


The Civilian Personnel Office (CPO) general customer service number is (240) 612-6614 and the organizational e-mail is usaf.jbanafw.afdw-staff.mbx.afdw-a1ce-wk-force-effectiveness-br@mail.mil

The Employee Assistance Program provides a range of assistance. Visit www.FOH4You.com or individuals can call the hotlines, 1-800-222-0364 or 1-888-262-7848 (TTY) 24 hours a day. The EAP also has an office at the Pentagon, (open Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri), number is (703) 692-8917.

A1CE continues to strive for excellence with thoroughness, accuracy, and timeliness being our strengths, providing our customers with respect and support.